Simple. Right. You.

Sites done with you in control

All of our sites start with an personal meeting where we get to discuss your goals and ideas.


Located in Upper Bucks County in Southeastern PA, we work with only local businesses that are just as invested in our beautiful area.

Websites that are yours!

Web Design

Welcome to dpsites! Having a professional and simple website is a necessity for successful businesses. Whether you are a service, retail or club, websites bring people to you. Web design can be a scary process. That's why we keep it simple here. We deal with only local people because we are local! Want a simple site, you are at the right place! Want a complex site, not here. Simply put, we walk with you the entire process. From design to showing you how to manage your own site, dpsites is there for you.

Who we are

Local to Southeast PA, we are a dedicated group of professionals focused on one! Sites are completed with you being apart of the process. Specifically we tailor the site to the business or club and then turn the control over to you. Don't pay update fees, don't pay for a product you do not know how to use! We design it, you fill the content, we stay on board if you have questions. We are only ever a FREE phone call away for the life of your site.

What we do

We will create you a site that you can update. Don't worry about the fancy HTML and other code in website design. You just worry about the content. You tell us what you want, we design it. Then, we add pictures, videos and text to get you up and running. Then, we create the email addresses, calendars, etc. Next, we show you how to work your site. Finally, we turn it over to you. It is easy! Anyone can do it!

About us

We are just simply guys. We like the outdoors, we like simplicity. We like websites that work. We do not like clutter. We like to help our clients get to the next level in their business model. We succeed when you take control!
What are you waiting for! If you want a site that is awesome and you, then contact us today!